No Resemblance Whatsoever

By: Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisberg

Type: Light Jazz/Rock

Hot Tracks:
  • Forever Jung
  • Todos Santos
  • The Face of Love
  • Windward

It's been twenty years since Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisberg blurred the boundaries of rock and jazz with Twin Sons of Different Mothers, proving that an artist need not be bound to one form of music. Since that time, light jazz/rock has become a complete radio format all its own, and this album should find a happy home there. That is where Fogelberg gets most of his airplay these days, and although his catalog covers everything from electric rock to jazz to bluegrass, he seems to have accepted his niche happily.

The supporting members of the band are solid, featuring strong studio musicians Neil Stubenhaus (bass), Michael Landau (electric guitar), Larry Cohn (keys) and Vinnie Colaiuta (drums). Fogelberg demonstrates his musical acumen on a variety of instruments, as usual, and seems to have been influenced vocally by Aaron Neville recently. (If you don't find this to be appealing, you may want to avoid this version of "Sunlight.")

Weisberg, though not very much in the spotlight recently, has lost none of his smooth, fluid flute skill. His style still complements Fogelberg's compositions well, and more than makes up for the Neville-style vocals on "Sunlight."

This album doesn't feature any songs as energetic as "Power of Gold," from Twin Sons, but that is not surprising. Fogelberg's current audience seems to be composed mainly of light rock listeners, so harder songs might not have the appeal that they might have once had for him. I'm sure both musicians are still capable of rocking out on occasion, but that was not the intent of this album.

It is good to see that whatever legal or personality conflicts existed between these two virtuosos has passed. Any conflict that robs people of the product of these two talents is to be avoided at all costs.

This album is excellent to play by firelight, in romantic situations or any time that you just wish to unwind and relax. Sit back, close your eyes, and let the strains of Tim Weisberg's flute carry your troubles away on the air.

Rating (out of a possible five):



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